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I am happy to make myself available to pioneering teams that want to make an impactful contribution to the warm world of tomorrow.

About Anje Claeys

Anje Claeys, PhD 

Professional Unraveler 

 Tools in my toolbox?

  • Layered thinking, systemic looking, impressive zooming in and out, quite a bit of support

  • Love for complexity, layering and polyphony

  • Visual thinker, writer, artist, researcher and scientist

  • Feeling for word and image, feeling what is needed, looking at what is

  • Seeing the big perspective: the coherence and the details - yesterday, today and tomorrow

  • Craving for impact and beauty first!

  • Flexible: I like to move along with your story and your rhythm...

  • And our collaboration? Light & fun!


A visual compass works wonders.


hey! I am Anje Claeys. Unraveler, artist, scribe. I listen and draw conversations. I visualize essence.

I create visual representations of conversations and dialogues, both in a 1-on-1 context and in groups. In this way I support the creativity of individuals and groups. By listening carefully, I am able to grasp the essence that I visualize in a clear way. This creates a visual compass that enables people to share ideas and insights with each other. A visual record makes things visible, tangible, presentable and shareable.

Since 2010 I have been working in the field of consultancy and coaching, supporting organizations and individuals through creative and artistic approaches. In 2018 I first started applying this work within healthcare and medicine. For example, since 2021 I have been connected to the child and adolescent psychiatry service of UPC KU Leuven. I also like to make my expertise available to organizations in education and healthcare. In 2022 I will further broaden my field of vision and open myself up to impactful support of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are committed to major global themes such as the environment, human rights, peace,...


I work in Dutch, in English and sometimes in French. My professional background in science, research, social entrepreneurship and art explains my preference for the interdisciplinary approach to complex issues. I base my approach on the principles of generative scribing, a method developed by Kelvy Bird of the Presencing Institute.

You can explore my free work as an artist I am a printmaker, working on the printing press. Layered thinking also comes in handy here. Every month I retreat to my studio for 1 week to do artistic work. You can follow that process online via instagram, at @bioartprint. Everything about scribing can be found on Instagram under @anje.claeys.

Fun in problems.


As a child I loved puzzles, I read a lot and quickly, devoured one book after another, detective books were my favorites. My favorite subjects at school: math, drawing and sports. I especially liked questions. I often made a drawing and then I 'saw' the solution. I also loved drawing. From an early age I went to the drawing academy. And often I was at home drawing or writing. I wrote meters of poetry and countless blogs.

So yes, I like writing, drawing and difficult issues. And then what is it that I do? Untangle, clarify, unravel. Asking, listening, drawing. Capturing the essence and returning it as a visual echo.

Unravel, clarify, see.

Unraveling everything that is difficult. I do that from a number of different roles:

  • As a freelancer from my art studio in Labora located in the Abbey of Keizersberg in Leuven

  • As a visualizer at the child and adolescent psychiatry department at UZ Gasthuisberg in Leuven

  • As a driver ofThe Greenhouse', Lab for a Warm World, a cooperative in Neervelp

I do this unraveling from my artistry. I am present in conversations, making the problem -literally- visible. Visualizing complex issues provides enormous clarity. It is magical to see what becomes possible as a result.

Rooted in nature.

I like to understand things to their roots. Often it is also there, in the deeper layers, that the solution can be found. The fact that I visualize conversations is crucial and also unique. I draw as we talk and do it quickly and accurately. My work as an unraveler originates from my artistry. Through the unraveling work, the world enters, in all its dimensions and versatility. The spiritual, the existential, the mundane, the miracle. The wonder remains. To counterbalance the complexity in which I work, I spend a lot of time in nature. As an introverted detail seeker, I like to just be present and watch. I recharge myself in nature and through soft 1-on-1 conversations with friends.

Need an 'outsider'? I make it clear!

It is my wish to support people in organizations, as an 'outsider witness'. So, if you need someone to watch with you in your processes, complicated casuistry, existential search, I will be happy to help you. I present myself in a drawing and make it clear.

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