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Scribing for NGOs and game changers
Think big. Act surprisingly brilliant.


I can assist your organization in clarifying your complex issues, both substantively and people-related. I disentangle the whole, speak with those involved, together we develop a clear approach. Out of the box. Surprising. Think big. Act surprisingly brilliant.

From my professional experience as a social entrepreneur and cooperative entrepreneurship, I can encourage you to take the next step. next level.

We let it flow!


My approach? Read it below.

'Puzzle until it becomes clear. Don't stop until it's right.'


Ready to get started with an 'outsider witness'? Want to get started together? How does that work?

Very easy. You email me your question and we discuss it through an introductory meeting. I'm trying to understand the question and see what I can do for you. Then I make a proposal for a trajectory. I put a price on it and a term. I will send you an email with my proposal.

Unraveling trajectory


No two routes are the same. The price is determined after consultation.

Inclusive:all material, markings, transport

Framework:flexible availability via email, open whatsapp line, feedback on documents

Term:short or long-term partnerships, as a freelancer



'Your added value was that you heard everything, all those plans and those dreams, and you very quickly got a line in it, a kind of structure, a plan. You have taken that jumble of ideas apart, put the parts next to each other and put them back together. Without throwing parts overboard, because they would make it complicated, for example. As a result, all partners remained on board. You dare to think big, even at a time when there was no money to realize the project. I also never had the feeling that you 'took over', that also made the cooperation good and very pleasant. And you are enthusiastic and that spreads.'

Katrien Boogaerts, Kunstwerkt vzw




1. Being present and listening

Drawing while people are talking requires a deep form of listening. This quality of listening makes people feel heard and acknowledged.

Listen, watch and see. Insight arises.


2. Add beauty

Complex issues often feel like chaos and people feel in the dark. Adding color, proportions, texture and image creates a new layer that makes the issue digestible.

Beauty as a valorizing agent.


3. Being and doing in balance

Effective action can only arise when being and doing are attuned to each other. Scribing ensures the integration of all voices and tonalities, so that action can be taken on the basis of shared and progressive insight.

Impact becomes possible.


4. First look, then see

The visual echoes that arise create distance and involvement. The ideas that arise in our thinking and feeling are made visible, creating a document that people can look at. After looking comes seeing. Then the in-sight.

Deep insight leads to transformation. Next comes innovation.


5. Dwell on what is, was and will come

Looking back to move forward. Repeat, repeat, iterate. We immerse ourselves in a circular process. And we celebrate our co-creations.​


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