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Scribing for education and health care

Powerful interventions


Art can be a powerful link in the change process of people and teams. Problems are visualized through the social art of scribing, making the essence visible and increasing insight.

I like to make myself available for various issues in healthcare and education. I do this as an 'outsider witness', a powerful position, as I stay on the edge of the system, which allows me to watch with you with a clear and unbiased view.

Various entry points are possible: at the level of staff or your primary target group (patients, clients, residents, students, participants,...). My approach? Then read on.

'As an outsider witness I can watch with you in a fresh way, out-of-the-box.'


How to start?


You email me your question and I'll see how we can work together. We get to know each other better through an introductory meeting. Then I make a proposal. I make an estimate of the cost price and propose a term.

Unraveling trajectory


The price is determined after our consultation. I listen to your question and tune in to what is needed.
Inclusive:all material, markings, transport

Framework:availability via email, open whatsapp line, feedback on documents, scanning of drawings

Cooperation:flexible, pleasant, open, focused on growth

pace:according to your needs and requirements

What can I offer you?


From my years of experience working with young people who are going through difficult-beautiful processes, I learned to listen openly and without judgment and to be present with people. The work in therapeutic contexts stimulates me to look and think systemically.

I can provide support in processes with people and teams going through difficult processes. In addition, I can think along with you about complex issues that your organization faces. I also guide managers in their personal development so that they can be more powerful and impactful in their work.


Aspects of my approach


1. Feeling

We try to gain insight into the challenges you face as a team or as an organization. We will discuss and clarify the question. From an open view, we look at what is needed, for you as a team or for your patients/clients/residents/students/participants.

Open and uninhibited.


2. Zoom out

Together with those involved, I explore the questions that arise. We map out all facets and examine the different layers involved in the question. In addition, we also look for boundaries and demarcation. What belongs to the question and what does not?

I make it visible.


3. Co-creation

I love thinking, searching and finding together with people. We start from the here and now and look together at what is needed and what wants to arise. We use the wisdom of the group for this. All voices are heard.

The wisdom of the group.

4. Transformation

Visualizing processes creates a lot of movement among those involved. There is clarity and insight. Change becomes possible.

Looking and seeing as a gateway to feeling and understanding.


5. Anchoring 

I think it is important to make processes visible and to expressly reflect on the change work that has been carried out. Through artistic means I like to make it tangible, presentable and shareable.

An anchor in space and time.

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