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'As an artist and scribe, my intention is to unravel complexity by drawing and to add beauty in order to see more easily what wants to be seen.'
Anje Claeys

As an artist and scribe I visualize the 'here & now' which creates insight and makes change possible. I draw, make connections, I tune in to what is and what wants to arise.

Do you want to know who I am?

For whom?

For pioneering teams and organizations that desire impact and that approach social issues from a holistic vision.


Does your question fit in the list?

My Method

I ask questions, I listen, I draw, I research and see connections. I make a visual representation of processes, concepts and insights. This creates clarity.


Visualizing in the field of education and health care
Visualizing for NGOs and innovative game changers

'Anje understands the art of converting her dream into a practical step-by-step plan. This special gift, supplemented with a healthy dose of (self) insight, allows her to deal professionally with peak and trough moments that are typical of innovative projects.'

Kristien Dieussaert, UCLL, Research and Innovation Coordinator

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