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I listen, I draw, I research and I see connections. Maybe you want to learn this too? Well, good news: I also teach. There is also a learning group and you can request supervision.

Three-daybasetraining 'Creative mourning and visualization work'rescuers, for therapistsand for artists

Visualizing conversations is a way to document (therapeutic) trajectories. Other interventions also contribute to this. What is the importance of documenting conversations? What does it contribute to? With inspiration from narrative ideas, we will work with this fact for three days. For example, we zoom in on externalizing conversations and explore the position of the outsider witness. You will receive a theoretical introduction to these narrative principles. We also consider the framework of Theory U that forms the basis for 'generative scribing' and 'system scribing'. Based on examples and exercises, we provide you with tools to take new paths step by step and to create clarity in complex cases in a visualizing way.


How can we help people, as well as families and organizations, to better understand complex problems? How can drawings of conversations ensure that the joint insight and also the connection can grow?


Three days, from 9.30 to 16.30 in De BroeikasNeervelp (group from 6 people), in Keizersberg Abbey in Leuven (small group up to 5 people) or in company (quotation possible on request).

Day 1: Creative work in the therapy room as a therapist or as an artist

Day 2: Documenting conversations as an outsider witness or as an insider inquirer

Day 3: The value of rituals in therapy and coaching

If interested, send me onemail. Then I will send you more info.

This three days course can be followed by care providers, conversation therapists and by artenaars (a delightful mix of professionals). We make the translation to your specific practicethrough illustrations and exercises.
After you have completed the basic training, you can further specialize through a learning group which meets live monthly in Leuven: 10 sessions of 2 hours each year, in a group of a maximum of 5 people. Also individual supervision is possible: live or online sessions of 1 hour.

Price basic training: 450 EUR, excl. VAT (including all materials, excluding lunch)

Testimonial from a participant

'I just wanted to say that today I used my clippings from the last training exercise on Saturday -with some hesitation- and... what a success that was :-)! Firstly, the client was very 'honored' that I had worked out/prepared her case, secondly, she found the drawings very appropriate & complete, and thirdly, by putting it on the table and sliding it along, it has provided some new insights. brought.'  - Ianthe Van Dorsselaer, clinical pedagogue and psychotherapist,

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