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Scribing for education and care
Writing forNGOs and game changers

For whom?

Below you can see some examples of issues in which I can assist you. If you are unsure whether I can help you with the issues that live within your organization, just contact me, put your question to email and then I can estimate it.

I am present in conversations. That's called scribing. Each drawing forms a map that makes it possible to see, feel and therefore understand a complex issue.Scribing can happen with individuals but also with systems: teams, groups, families. It is a powerful method that uses the wisdom of the group to unravel complex issues.

'With the aid of seeing, together we can more clearly choose and chart our path. Our views become shared and solvable in a very different manner than if each of us exists within our own individual sphere of understanding.' - Kelvy Bird

Questions from organizations and NGOs (UNICEF, UNESCO,...)

  • Can you think along with our team as an outsider witness? Being an external sounding board? We are looking for someone who can look at things from a fresh perspective.

  • Can you support our board members through personal/leadership coaching?

Someone, or a team, has decided to bring in a scribe to help people see what it is they are talking about' - Kelvy Bird

Questions from care institutions (hospitals, residential care centers, palliative units, special youth care,...)

  • Can you visualize our intervisions? Shed your light on difficult cases?

  • Can you visualize family constellations or make systemic interactions visible?

  • We want to visualize conversations and stories of clients/patients.

  • We are looking for an artist to do life story work with our patients or residents.
  • We are looking for someone who wants to work in a creative-artistic way with the existential questions of our patients, clients, residents,... Something out-of-the-box.


Testimony from a mother whose daughter was admitted to the day hospital (UPC KU Leuven): 'When my teenage daughter was going through a difficult time, I could understand what her doctor was telling me. Why she might be feeling that way, why it is so hard for her... I needed to also feel it in order to help her the best way possible but I couldn't. Anje's drawings helped me to do just that! They would stayed pinned to the wall hanging my kitchen sink for weeks until I could see itbeyond logic and reason.'

Questions from education (university colleges, teacher training colleges, schools, CLTs, pedagogical guidance services,...)

  • We want to visualize conversations and stories of students, teachers and teams.

  • Can you enter into a dialogue with young people or team members who are having a hard time?

  • Can you assist us in our difficult care conversations?

  • We are looking for someone who can support the staff, someone who watches from a different angle.

  • As a school, we would like to restore the relationship with our neighbours, can you visualize those conversations?

  • Can you guide us through the process of change in our meeting culture?

'In the intimacy of deep listening we are simultaneously filled and emptied - Mary Stacey

Questions from coaches and consultants, lawyers and organizational developers

  • Can you draw out the partnerships between two parties? Mapping values, visualizing cooperation contracts (visual contracting), visualizing agreements (visual agreements)?

  • I'm looking for someone who can visualize the processes of the organizations and teams I supervise.

  • I have written a book and am looking for someone who can make visual material for the book and on the cover.

'I listen. I draw. You see. You speak. I listen I draw you see you speak. You see I listen you speak I draw. You speak I draw we see we listen. That's how it feels. It's fluid.' - Kelvy Bird

Recognizable? Or something else? Are you wondering if I can support you?Send me an email, ask me the question and I'll check it out!

'I like difficult issues and the clarity that comes once all the pieces fall into place' -Anne Claeys
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